Laser Cutting

Mild Steel:  We can cut up to 60 mm thickness with our 15,000 KW laser power.

Stainless Steel: Our capabilities extend to cutting stainless steel up to 30 mm thickness.

Aluminum: We can handle aluminum cutting tasks with a maximum thickness of 30 mm.

Brass and Copper: We are proficient in cutting brass and copper materials up to 15 mm thickness.

Large Cutting Table: Our facility is equipped with a large cutting table that can accommodate sheets measuring 6 meters in length and 2 meters in width. This generous cutting area allows us to handle projects of various sizes with ease.

Skilled Workforce

At Magnum Electromech, our team comprises experienced and well-trained professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of cutting and finishing. You can rely on our expertise and attention to detail to meet your specific requirements.